Baking Paper 30cm

Baking Paper 30cm
WAS $31.80

BAKING PAPER 30cm x 120m Roll

*Also available in 40cm x 120m Roll

Thanks to the very good release properties of Capri Baking Paper, you can use the same paper for baking as well as for interleaving and freezing.

Using Capri Baking Paper means that food does not stick to oven trays resulting in less washing up since no oil is needed. Depending on the pastry, you can use a sheet of baking paper several times. You can also use baking paper for interleaving, decorating, rolling out and freezing.

Thanks to its very good release properties, you can use the same paper to take pastries and bread from freezer to oven. Furthermore, Capri Baking Paper is also suitable for the microwave and panini grill.