Mandell Liquid Hand Soap 5Ltr/25Ltr

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Mandell Liquid Hand Soap 5Ltr/25Ltr


MANDELL – Anti-Bac Perfumed Hand Cleaner is a pink coloured, pleasantly perfume neutral liquid hand gel formulated with an antibacterial agent to control bacteria and the spread of germs.

The product also contains emollients to minimise the drying out of the skin on hands.

MANDELL generates excellent lathering qualities in hard and soft water and rinses cleanly leaving a crisp and clean experience.


No more soil / bacteria contaminated soap being passed down the line.

MANDELL is an ideal and economical hand gel that every ship, support vessel, oil & gas platform, port facilities, accommodation villages and food preparation establishments should have in their inventory. It can also be used in public amenities, catering, schools, hospitals, industrial workshops and health clubs.


MANDELL is the perfect product to cut the cross contamination of bacteria that is quite often found in food preparation areas. Regular hand washing is mandatory in the commitment to reduce / eradicate contamination leading to sickness in work place establishments.